Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lum notes

Lum (2016) is the 8th album, and also is the 10th anniversary of the first album. It was originally going to be titled "Image & Sound", partially in reference to the song, Warming Glow, and partially in reference to David Bowie. The album artwork was also different and had been finalized early on, but was scrapped when the title changed a little over a month before it was released. A few of the songs (You Are the Dope, No Feeling, Rosebud, and Warming Glow) were leftover material from BASIC, but the rest of the songs were pretty much all written all at the same time back in February or March. Only one song didn't make the final album, a song called "Monkey Spank".
As for other changes, there's not much. The working titles for some songs were changed several times (as usual). Creeping Lilly was called Sux2BMe-H82BU, "Here, There, Nowhere", "Moon Ride", and Near/Far. Melodia was originally titled Tomahawk. Risky Boots was called "No Respect" and "Howdy Doody". Syntax Error was called "Gossamer Peel Shreds", "Whatever It Seems", and "Howdy Doody". Hello Trilobyte was called "Tribble", "Fossils", and "Howdy Doody". Murky Shining was "Murky Lurking", "Murky Shines", "Gossamer Peel Shreds", and "Howdy Doody". The most interesting noteworthy thing about this album is probably that several songs were at one time going to be called Howdy Doody, and in looking back, I have absolutely no idea why. Anyway, I think it's probably my best album, or at least equal with A Collection of Songs (FDOA).

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