Wednesday, April 20, 2016

iv notes

iv (2010) was the fourth album, and was the last of the numbered albums as well as the first of the non-numbered ones. It's a bit different style-wise than the previous albums, and the songs had a lot more time spent working on them up to that point. It was my favorite up until 'A Collection of Songs For Dancing or Amusement' but I still think it's pretty good, especially following the unpolished turd that was 'iii'. All of the songs were completely new, non-Polymer Bloom songs, although early ideas for shaved + tame were originally recorded during some of the later sessions for 'iii'. Grendel King was written on Christmas Eve 2009, a few hours before a live acoustic performance, and Retro Space-Age Future Vision was written later that night after the performance was canceled. My personal favorite songs from the album are: Pink Rattle, Buzzkill, Thing, Retro Space-Age Future Vision, and Plastic Ono.