Saturday, May 14, 2016

iii notes

iii (2009) was the third album. I really don't care much for this one. It starts off okay, but then gets cringe-inducingly bad. The first half of the album (up through "Wednesday") features all new material, but then a lot of leftover throw-away songs from the "Polymer Bloom" days, and other half-ass demos make up the second half of the album. At that point in time I was just trying to record as many songs as I could, and after a certain amount, I would collect them together for an album. So after getting 14-15 rough demos together I figured I had a new album ready. I set a release date for a few weeks later to give me time to work on cover art, and semi-promote it. Then about 10 days before it came out I realized it sounded over half the songs sounded absolutely terrible. It would have taken a while to re-record everything from scratch, and I really should have, but I didn't. Instead I tried to fix individual parts of songs, and the results were sloppy. Also, the audio mix is probably the worst I've ever done. It's a way too tinny sounding, and actually hurts my ears. I don't know why I set a release date, maybe it was a personal challenge or something, but I did learn to never set an exact date set in stone for something that doesn't exist yet.