Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Collection of Songs For Dancing or Amusements Notes

A Collection of Songs For Dancing and Amusements (2013) was the sixth album, released on November 12, 2013. It is my personal favorite. The songs on it were meant to be more structured and complex than previous ones, while still trying to maintain a sense of simplicity. With a couple of the songs, namely Goofy's Lament and Hrt & Soul, they started out as a bunch of several, similar sounding songs that were somewhat lacking in various ways, and were combined into one song. Heart & Soul was originally part of an outtake song from some recordings done between 'iv' and 'Robot MonStar'. Drool a Puddle is the first instrumental song on an album, but it was originally going to have lyrics, though none were ever written. The version of Medical Needs that appears is from a pair of recordings done in September 2012. The other song was terrible and has never been released, but it was eventually drastically re-worked in 2014 and ended up becoming Some Moments of Violins from 2014's 'Basic' EP.